My Inspiration

Rolfing® comes from Ida Rolf.  She developed this amazing work of Structural Integration - helping people by treating myo-fascia and teaching movement.  Rolfing has been developed further by Hubert Godard who has deepened the relational aspect of the work.  His extensive research and knowledge expanded the philosophy, physiology, art and psychology in the work.  I feel lucky indeed to have had the opportunity to study with Hubert.  It was truly life changing and I hope that I can bring to life some of that which he has helped awaken in me.  I thank him from my heart.

I did my initial Rolfing training with Michael Stanborough here in Australia.  At that time he was on the faculty for the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration (RISI).  Since then he has begun his own Structural Integration educational institution - SI Australia.  He was the first person to introduce me to this amazing field of work.  He was a great influence and inspiration to me and I thank him.

Since then I have been privileged to study not only with Hubert Godard, but also Susan Harper, Pilar Martin and Caryn McHose, in Portals of Perception and later the Body of Perception Practitioner Training (Susan and Pilar’s training).  I am in the deepest of gratitude to them all.  My life and work has indelibly changed from the first workshop I attended.  I experienced a depth of presence and a field of attention that I had only glimpsed before.  

Susan and Pilar have refined my capacity as a practitioner.  They taught me about holding the space of not-knowing, about practitioner as reflector, about how we are shaped by life and how we can truly deeply accept another, and that within this field of unconditional acceptance we find the gateway to change.  They are a great inspiration to me and I thank them from my heart. 

I also want to mention Emily Conrad's work that Susan Harper helped develop, a movement practice called Continuum.  This work calls upon our primordial nature, our animal self, our fluid self, us as organisms on and in a living earth.  To move, play and live from this space is to inhabit all that it is to be alive.  Fully present, living beings. 

I give thanks to these teachers and hope that I can share with you some of the depth of meeting, the potential and beauty of humanity, that I discovered with them.