My Story

I am based in Melbourne and would like to acknowledge the Wurundjeri people who are the traditional custodians of this land.  I pay respect to the Elders past, present and future, and extend that respect to all Indigenous Australians.

Rolfing® & Movement

My fascination with movement began at age 8.  I began attending creative dance classes and later yoga classes at Bhava Yoga School in Warrandyte.  I loved to move.  I loved the feeling of moving within a group of dancers, dancing with each other and with the gaps, the space.  I loved reaching backwards into bridge pose and doing handstands and cartwheels.  I loved bending and I was very bendy!

Later I would assist in younger kids classes to earn pocket money. With the money I paid for upkeep of my horse.  Horse riding was a whole other way of moving in space, of meeting the movement of another and moving together.  

I was strongly challenged in riding because I didn't have a good 'seat'.  My pelvis didn't know how to go down, how to connect with the horse.  I always felt like I was levitating.  Not a good feeling on such a big animal.  Teachers could tell me what was missing but know one could help me find the connection. Then at age 15 I had a bad fall.  My anglo-arab mare bucked and I toppled over her shoulder and landed on my sacrum.  The pain was intense and for the next year I was unable to sit comfortably.  I would put one foot under the other knee and hitch up my pelvis to avoid putting my weight down.

It was the intelligent hands of manual therapist who finally treated the ligaments around my sacrum and tail and at long last I felt better.  The pain was gone but my compensatory pattern was fixed.  As a person who already found being 'grounded' mostly impossible this was an addition to my already big challenge and an aching lower back and neck was a common issue for me for many years.

Fastforward to my early twenties I discovered that working out at the gym helped my back pain.  It was the first time I had done something that focussed on strength instead of flexibility.  I was very helpful and as my muscles tightened I felt more 'in' my body, more grounded.  But soon I started getting injured again and I began to question what was going on.

I studied personal training and massage, I attended pilates religiously and completed a year of Human Movement at Victoria University.  I wondered why did my imagination affect my movement.  Why if I imaged reaching or folding did the movement I was making become easier and more fluid.  My teachers could give me helpful images but no one could tell me why.

Then finally I met Michael Stanborough and Rolfing. Suddenly so many of my questions about movement could be answered.  And answered in two ways - embodied and intelectual.  I was totally enthralled.  I completed my Rolfing® Structural Integration training in Sydney in 2006. 

It was through Rolfing that I finally discovered what 'grounded' meant.  What this elusive 'sense of weight' was and how I could feel it.  As a strongly space oriented person, discovering the other pole, receiving the support of gravity, was one of the best things that I've ever known.  Now I (mostly!) have weight in my pelvis and I hope one day I will go horse riding to feel the difference.  Sitting and standing with my feet and seat actively touched and heavy gives me the capacity to open to the wonders of the space (and life) without getting lost and blown over.  

I now can articulate the concept of orientation and understand the way we all relate to heaven and earth, up and down, through our being, our history and our expectations.  As a Rolfer I get to help people in broad and specific ways to feel better orientation and all the possibility that that brings.  This is my enquiry and love.