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  • Spring... Beginning?

    As I sit here hoping for inspiration for this blog post I can hear the wind gusting outside.  It is officially spring though these last couple of weeks have been particularly cold and winter like.  Its hard at the best of times for our systems to navigate the season change, but this season change feel particularly challenging.

    Many clients are coming into the clinic feeling tired and low and lacking their usual energy and vigor.  I must admit that I am feeling the same.

    One of the things that I love most about this time of year are the flowers.  The wattle in particular - its fragrence is everywhere around where I live and I am so thankful to this smell to help awaken my senses to the present moment.

    I associate spring with new growth.  I look at the garden and landscape around me and I see some little green buds but still a lot of winter stillness and hibernation.  Nature shows what I feel - the 'nearly but not yet' feeling.  No wonder so many of us are feeling out of sorts.  Ready but not ready.

    At this time I invite myself to be gentle.  To remain in the uncertainty and know that the time for bursting forth will come in its perfect rhythm.  We can't hurry mother nature and we can't hurry our inner nature.

    I love essential oils.  I have been finding sweet orange, peppermint and geranium all helpful to keep my spirits up.  For me they are sweet smells that make me smile.

    I am looking forward to the energy of spring giving support to my upcoming practice.  I am continuing my self learning that began during my US trip and I'll be offering more of the Flight of the Eagle practice.