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  • Holiday Blessings

    Dear clients and visitors to my site,

    I have had a wonderful year this year.  I am been lucky enough to share in the healing and discovery journey's of many dedicated and courageous folk.  I was also blessed by another visit to the US to study.  I'm happy also this year to have built my first Eagle Bench which has been enabling me and many clients to play with Hubert Godard's movement practice Flight of the Eagle.

    I am wishing for you and for me and all of us, blessings over the coming holiday period.  For celebrating, seeing loved ones, resting, playing and drinking in sun and sand.  Wishing us fortitude for meeting any challenging relationships that come our way. 

    May our presence be a gift to ourselves and those lucky enough to call us loved ones.  May we remember to see the world, feel the world and be touched by the world.  The beauty and the tragedy.  May be we find love and compassion as well as silliness and play as we take time off and bask in the flow of this precious life.

    Friday 22nd is my last day and I'll be back on Monday 15 January.

    Merry Christmas!

    Love Meran