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  • COVID-19 Update

    Rolfing can provide physical and emotional support during times of crisis.  Our pains, stiffness and injuries don’t disappear just because COVID-19 is in our world.  If anything, our tensions are increased.  So, I will continue to offer support to anyone who needs it for as long as the advice is to do so. Of course, it is up to everyone to do what feels right and if you choose to cancel your appointment I completely understand.  

    The current advice from Dept of Health and from my professional association was that we bodyworkers can remain open.  If this changes I will inform you.  But for now, I am still practicing with the addition of the following common-sense processes. 

    • I am disinfecting surfaces after every client (including gate latch, doorbell, door handles, eftpos machine etc) 
    • I change sheets and towels after every client (I always have) 
    • I wash my hands before and after each client (I always have) 
    • I invite you to wash your hands when you arrive (or use your own hand sanitiser) 

    I ask that you reschedule your appointment if you  

    • have a cough, cold, fever or flu symptoms 
    • Have been overseas in the last 14 days 
    • Have been diagnosed with COVID-19 
    • Have been in contact with someone who is diagnosed with COVID-19. 

    In the coming weeks I will put together some self-care ideas for us all.  Until then I am wishing that peace and love be with us as we traverse these seas of uncertainty. 

    Much love