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    Our feet are remarkable! 

    In each foot we have 26 bones and 33 joints. The two feet contain one quarter of the bones of the body! 

    In landing our bones and joints spread and open but do not collapse. Landing is both an action and a moment of allowing.  In allowing we perceive the support of the earth and are receive or yield to that support. 

    At their best, out feet are incredibly dexterous and able to sense and move in very fine ways.  They are linked to our brain to constantly give feedback to our balance system about the surface we are on. But if our surfaces are mostly flat and unchanging this finely tuned system can become sleepy. 

    Luckily our brains are wired for change and our always aiming towards health.  We can take off our shoes and socks and watch the video again.  This time we can endeavour to feel some of the joints and bones that we see.  Use your hands to gently touch your foot, then use the internal sense of your foot and try to feel the individual movements.

    Can you let the video movement land in you and awaken your 26 foot bones?