"I have seen Meran off and on over the past few years for a variety of imbalances/ pain in my body. I am now a huge fan of Rolfing and am amazed at the positive effect of this treatment, not just for my body but on a wholistic level. I come out of my appointments feeling like a completely different person, feeling grounded, balanced, aware of my body and the world. I'm now able to continue the work we do in the sessions and maintain awareness of my body when I'm at home, at my desk, driving, walking down the street and while dancing (a big part of my job). Thanks Meran, you've changed my life!!"  Jade

"I have tremendous gratitude for the help I have had from Meran. I initially came along to try Rolfing for upper back stiffness and discomfort, having difficulty with the hours sitting at a computer required for work. Not only did I experience lasting improvement in this state of affairs, but furthermore it was soon apparent that what I was experiencing was fundamental change that would extend into all areas of day-to-day life - physical, mental/emotional, interpersonal. With greater physical ease came greater emotional ease; each session felt like an extraction of nervousness and an installation of steady, calm presence. The way I feel in my body is now very different. I hold far less tension and have a greater sense of agency. I had begun to attend yoga classes and my experience of yoga changed in a way that motivated me to continue and to practise more regularly, with greater awareness especially of the support of the ground, although my motivation was also temporarily challenged by the fact that I no longer had the same need for relief! I feel alive to my senses and have new vitality, confidence and optimism. Meran also provided invaluable support  through events in my life.

Within each session I have been grateful for Meran’s gentle, playful encouragement, her sensitivity and kindness, and the way she would meet me where I was at, even if that was particularly withdrawn and unsure whether I was up to it that day. Along with back issues I had had longstanding depression and anxiety, the most enduring aspect of which had been a sense of disconnection from the world and myself, of not inhabiting my own life. Meran’s methods seemed to go right to the mechanisms of this disconnection, and its reverse. I cannot overstate the relief and joy that came with feeling myself, in a word, present. I had long been in a state of suspension, and Meran, quite literally, set me back on my feet." Lisa

"As a long term Yoga and Meditation practitioner, exploration of the relationship between my body and mind is always on my agenda. I consider Meran an extremely sophisticated guide in self awareness, and my visits with her alway help me to explore deeper layers in practical and profounds ways." Rebecca

"A session with Meran is an essential experience that invites my body to re-integrate with my heart and mind. Meran provides a supportive, creative and playful environment to allow for an unravelling of habitual patterns thereby revealing the essential knowledge of how to fully inhabit my body. She supports and encourages me to live a fuller life."  Allison

"I came to Meran seeking relief from chronic shortness of breath, and although I didn't know it at the time- anxiety related disembodiment. At first I didn't have the words to express what occurred in the room each week- it was like a door had been opened to a new way of being. I often left feeling like a toddler or a 'human animal' having a visceral, non-verbal, multi-sensory encounter with the world and my body. Through creating a safe space and attuning to me with remarkable sensitivity, Meran helped me develop a subtlety of sensory awareness that has led to powerful changes in the way I inhabit my body- I move differently and have had an insight what it is to feel 'grounded'. The sessions have also created a shift in my meditation practice with the development of a 'non mind' effortless style of awareness. I would recommend Meran to anyone- with or without an ailment- who is interested in exploring sensory awareness and new ways of being. Its WILD!"  Marcelle

Dear Meran (aka "The Muscle Whisper"), Thank you so much for your help with the muscle spasm I had in my neck for 6 weeks; after 2 very gentle treatments it was almost perfect!

If I hadn't left Melbourne I would have been a client of yours forever, instead I can recommend you as an extraordinary Rolfing practitioner.

Best regards, Richard Smith (registered acupuncturist)