The Gravity Story

The Gravity Story

As human beings we have a unique relationship to gravity.  Like all animals we have evolved with mother earth holding us through the gravitational force.  But no other animal walks as we do, as biped, on two feet not four.

This offers us a unique view of the world.  It is also a unique challenge, to balance our bones and our beliefs in the way that allows our life to flourish.  Our branches and leaves grow upward towards the sky.  Our trunk and roots growing down into the earth.

The way in which I am open or closed to the flow of life is directly connected to my capacity to orient to sky and earth.  Life is ever changing, but sky and earth are constant.  It is the moment when I perceive a loss of support (be it physical, emotional or spiritual) that I contract, loose balance and grasp for something to hold onto.

The experience of sty and earth is simple (though not easy).  The feeling of delight at the grass between my toes and cool breeze on my face.  The soft weight of my cat on my lap or my delight at the gentle touch of autumn sun.

We are the creatures of this spectacular display, of this natural world. For any amount that we have contracted and lost support, we can regain it. We can regain our grace and joy at the simple touch of life. We can discover again the wonder of our existence.

Engaging in this quest is my life's calling, I would love you to join me.