My Vision

I dream of a world in which

  • We human beings live in harmony with ourselves, each other and our planetary body. 
  • Where we are able to live out our individual life truth, where we are compassionate to ourselves and each other and where the flow of life is not impeded. 
  • Where presence and awareness are sought and developed. 
  • Where the unknown is welcomed and kindness reigns. 
  • Where universal needs are recognised and supported. 
  • Here with heart speak and vulnerability, deep listening and empathy, people live as process, moment to moment to moment.
My mission is to help create this reality by
  • Living that which I dream
  • Engaging with processes and activities that help me develop my heart speak, my compassion, my capacity for vulnerability, my presence.
  • Meeting and working with clients in my practice from the same place that I work with myself
  • Meeting and engaging with all beings in this way
  • Supporting and encouraging others in their unique expression of life
  • Treading softly on our planetary body