What is Rolfing?

What is Rolfing?

Rolfing is a modality that balances the body in gravity. Using a combination of touch, imagery and movement we reignite your connection to your body and your movement. Recovery from pain, stiffness and injury is a happy accident of this work.

Rolfing was developed in the by an American woman, Dr Ida Rolf. Please click here for more on this remarkable woman.

Like all the organisms of this planet we are creatures living between space and earth. Oriented with gravity to the earth and through our senses to the space (see The Gravity Story for more).

By improving our orientation we improve our movement. Like the difference in growth for a tree whose been deprived of light and water to one growing with plenty of both. With expanded orientation movement expands and becomes balanced, graceful and beautiful.

This process is facilitated in a Rolfing session. I use movement uniquely in my sessions. Sessions are not static, they are an engaged process where we slowly uncover the places in your movement or orientation that are missing or not working well. Then we can gently rehabilitate that which is missing and support that which is growing. If there is difficulty in the tissue from injury or overuse my hands will find the spots that need help to glide freely and heal. If your nervous system is over working I will help you support it to regulate.

I will give you a warm invitation to explore different ways of moving, orienting and perceiving when you are at home. I will frame this is ways that are directly relevent to your daily experience and activities.

Please join me in this enquiry!