Welcome! Thanks for reading.  This website is dedicated to my Rolfing® Structural Integration practice.

I'm Meran Cassidy and I've been Rolfing here in Melbourne for over 12 years.  My clinic is locaterd in Brunswick East, just north of Melbourne.

Rolfing has been my love since meeting it during my Massage Certification back in 2002.  I hadn't heard ot it and was intreguied by the unusual name.

What's in a name?

Rolfing® is named after its founder Dr Ida Rolf.  She was originally a chemist and was one of the first people to study fascia.  She was interested in wholistic methods - homeopathy, osteopathy and yoga. She developed Structural Integration (Rolfing was its nickname) through an initial desire to help her loved ones.  This became a passion and she developed the 10 series - a group of sessions designed to halance and organised the body in gravity, which she taught to people across the world until her death in 1979.

There are now more than 1500 Rolfers worldwide and the modality is increasing in popularity for its capacity to assit people not only to recover from injuries but to feel better in their bodies.

I am proud to be one of only 5 Certified Rolfers in the Melbourne area.  I am a gentle Rolfer and I specialise in working with movement and coordiation.  Please explore my website to get a feel for what I do.

By the way...

Rolfing® designates the Rolf Institute’s brand of structural integration, the discipline developed by the late Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D. While the Rolf Institute is Dr. Rolf’s original school of structural integration, it is now one of many schools of structural integration; and Rolfing® structural integration designates the practice of structural integration by graduate members of the Rolf Institute, who are licensed to use its service marks.

Rolfing®, Rolfer™, Rolf Movement™, Rolf Institute, The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration and the Little Boy Logo are service marks of The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, registered in the U.S. and other countries.